School Financial Clerk

Benefits for School Financial Clerks

Our time studies show that School Financial Clerks on average, deal with 156 interruptions per day (via teachers, parents, students, administration, phone calls, outside agencies etc.) Working in a school is challenging and full of chaos. Counting Cash, making deposits, paying bills and managing a commercial bank account is difficult in this high paced environment. You can continue to use excel, standalone solutions or systems designed for small businesses, OR you can take the time to evaluate a solution built by people who have worked in schools. We have designed a solution that streamlines many of the ‘manual’ and repetitive tasks, provides multiple gains for one data entry and helps to overcome the realities that school financial clerks face.

More Benefits

  • Time Saving: saves HUNDREDS of hours over a school year by eliminating manual counting and calculations of cash and coin; automated tax rebate process.
  • Highly accurate:
    • Eliminates manual calculations
    • Non-Sufficient Funds tracker
    • Automated tax rebate processes
  • Easy to Use: if you can type and tab, you can operate this program
  • Researchable/Auditable: retains information for all monies deposited by student and parent community
  • Saves Money: with our Non Sufficient Funds tracker and automated tax rebate processes.

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